Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On Lady Gaga, AGAIN…

So this week I've heard that Sandi Rios, "President of the Culture Campaign" thinks Lady Gaga's "Telephone" music video is "poison for the minds of our kids."

I'll keep this short:

She's wrong.

Her tell? Any time anyone ever tries to ban anything for being immoral, they're wrong.

I won't argue that murder is immoral or Lady Gaga is an attention whore the likes of which hasn't been seen since Madonna strapped traffic cones to her chest and plastered images of her twat into a best-selling coffee table book. The facts of the matter are, "Yes it is (but that's less important than the fact that it's societally destructive)," and, "Of course she is."

Anyway, the idiocy here is that this Rios person clearly has no idea what she's talking about and is only complaining because the most liberally minded conservative-owned media network shockingly doesn't curtail its programming to fit her personal, notably reserved values.

I say, "clearly has no idea what she's talking about" because if she did have anything on her side other than reminiscent "oogey" feelings stemming from long-buried awkward nightgown-clad discussions of "boys' things" at a friend's sweet 16 sleepover, she would know that "Telephone" probably has the least disturbing imagery of any Gaga video.

As evidenced:

Quite frankly, to say that something's offensive because there's lesbianism is to say you're a fag-basher. In fact, as a side note, no one doesn't like lesbians. Lesbians love lesbians! Straight men love lesbians! Gay guys love lesbians! Even straight women appreciate lesbians, especially the straight ones who like Katy Perry just indulge once or twice for the sake of broadening their horizons and trying to compensate for self-identifying as a less than attractive physical specimen. Everybody likes lesbians except hateful, anal-retentive, loud-mouthed prudes.

And to say that something's offensive just because it has women in bikinis is to say there's something vulgar about 1950s Beach Party movies. They're awful, yes, but only in how poorly made they were. There is nothing vulgar about a bikini. It's not even the most popular offensive legally-wearable swimwear anymore! (Mankinis?)

Kee-Riste, lady! If it wasn't so much fun watching you get made out as a scaremongering prude bitch by fucking FOX News of all groups, I'd have to actually get up and say something, arguing morality with you. Of course that would just validate your right to have an opinion, which seems to be that I don't have a right to an opinion that disagrees with you, but whatever. FOX News made you look like an idiot.

And that's saying something.

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