Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breaking News! 4 - The End

If you hated these, you'll be happy to know they're over after today. If you loved them, I'm sure I can write more and post them for another three weeks.

Jan 11, 2010:

Been A Bad Boy This Year: Christmas Bubble Bursts As C. Cringle Charged 483,000 Counts of Credit Fraud

Hot Alien Babes Dressed In Princess Leia Bikinis Only Probe Nerdy Virgins, Know No One Will Believe The Stories

War Against Sentient Cows Undermined By Dairy Bootleggers' Product "I Can't Believe It's Butter!"

Prince Namor Reveals Secrets of Atlantean Clean Energy: Thermal Vents, Whale Blubber

Obama Makes Midnight Sandwich, Use of White Bread Enrages Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Peacocks Petition Government to Legally Change Name

Area Man Attempts to Calculate Volume

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