Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On Carboard Tubes

Scott has started selling tube-free toilet paper.

I get it. Eco-friendly. Fine. But you know what? It's a bad idea.

I actually have proof. Last week I needed a cardboard tube because I wanted to duct tape two 10-lb weights together to make a 20-lb weight, but I found it would work better if the part under my palm could rotate and allow for a constant center of gravity. Don't judge me.

The point was I needed a cardboard tube and I didn't have a free one. So, I took it out of the new T.P. roll I'd just put out the day before. I pulled it out of the roll like a brown paper gooey cinnamon roll center. And the roll survived.

Well I ran that roll down and you know what? The last squares clumped pitifully to one side of the center pin. It was mournful. The only real up-shot was that I didn't have another roll to throw into the garbage when I put the new on on. Really, we just need that little extra support to keep the last sheets alive.

But obviously that isn't the point.

The point is kids need their cardboard tubes. What will they make little binoculars and lightsaber handles out of? How will Cardboard Tube Samurai duel?

Kids need their cardboard tubes, and so do we.

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