Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On Dane Cook

I tried to sell back a Dane Cook CD to f.y.e. today.

Why do I have it? It was a gift. Yes, I asked for it, but I was in college. Every heterosexual American male who goes to college is required to own at least one Dane Cook CD. It's part of the state tuition and inoculation requirements.

Dude at the counter scans my "Retaliation" deluxe set and what price comes up? $0.01, the price for "We don't want it."

Really? I thought everybody loved that asshole. I mean yeah, I know he's not so much funny as he is loud, and he's not so much original as a convenient adapter of potentially public-domain material, but still, I figured he'd be worth three bucks.

Nope. Still not worth $3.

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