Monday, November 8, 2010

On the Kia Soul

Unapologetically, I love this Kia Souls hamster commercial:

Which is hilarious, because the song seems to imply I could drive a whole bunch of terrible things or I could drive a Kia Soul. But see, as non-utilitarian as it is, I'd probably really enjoy riding around town in a giant toaster. It might not be good in the rain, but I'm pretty sure I could get some fun out of it before throwing up the listing on eBay Autos.

And a cardboard box bus? How is that not something you would love to do with a cute girl? Do it! It's fun has hell and I'm positive she'll think a hell of a lot of you for doing something so ridiculous in public. I've seen less work out very well for men of even mediocre import.

But I get it, I can have things that aren't awesome cars or I can have a Kia Soul.

Honestly? I'd rather take pretty much any other car over a Kia Soul. It's like they purposefully marketed towards pretentious irony whores. Hip-hop? That's a black guy thing. Cute pets? Teen girls. Black guy things and teen girls? Well, it's either some very exploitative porn or it's marketing aimed at rich, suburban white kids. You know, pretentious irony whores.

But I'm getting off-track. The point is the Kia Soul is ugly as hell. In fact, if I were given one as a prize or a gift, I'd try everything in my power to trade it in for its cash equivalent or a car of equal or lesser value. I mean holy hell, Kia doesn't even make terribly ugly cars in general, just, like, that one.

Is pretentiousness really worth looking like an idiot?

Judging by the popularity of Animal Collective, I'm guessing yeah.

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