Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On The Voting Process

So I went out and voted today.
  1. They mark your name and ballot number, so it will be entirely possible for the electoral commission to know who voted for which candidates.
  2. However, the lady actually marking these notes is clearly some combination of nearsighted, dyslexic and senile, so no real worries there.
  3. My mother and I are registered to two different addresses, even though we live in the same house. I guess it doesn't matter if your information is seven years out of date, as long as they sign off on whatever address you registered under.
  4. I felt a little bad about voting along straight party lines, so when it came to family court judges I threw a pity vote to the Green Party. Hell, New York's been a blue state for longer than we've divided red and blue.
I always try to remember that when we vote we are not as often voting for the candidate we want, but rather against the one we don't. Always vote the lesser of two evils.

Unless it's a monster-fight movie. Then you wanna vote for Godzilla or the most human-looking evil in the room.

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