Monday, November 15, 2010

On Men's Clothing

Seriously, this guy's like eight heads tall.
In comics, he'd be a superhero.
A tall one.

I've come to a realization: American clothing companies hate small men.
Girls' clothes look like tiny versions of women's clothes, with Juniors, Miss, Petite and everything in between. It's fairly impossible to not find your size, assuming that size is smaller than, say, a 9.

Men? No. I went through an entire mall's worth of department stores and specialty shops and even a Marchall's looking for a simple softshell winter coat. And do you know what I found?

They don't make size small, anymore. Anywhere, really.

Sure, some have that little S printed on their necklines, but that's just a tiny lie. Most are too big, if you can ever find them.

And I get it, guys, your thinking is, "Most men are bigger than a small," so you just make fewer smalls and more of the other sizes. Mostly mediums.

But guys, have you ever seen a store full of clothing at any point other than delivery day? Smalls are the first thing to sell out!I comb through an entire Men's department of Ms and Ls and those abnoxious navy blue XL tags and not a single S in sight.

Obviously, there are far more S-men than there are S-clothes in the world.

Apparel makers are just being S's about it.

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