Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Of Irony

This past Friday I got into some heated debates about socialism and health care and laissez faire economics and Ayn Rand and other good stuff. The only trouble, really, was that this went on for the majority of a few solid hours. I love arguing, but, well, there were cute girls at this party.

About 4 a.m. Jay walks down the stairs after making himself a bowl of Kraft EasyMac to find me sitting down, my head in my hands, looking haggard, and a furrowed brown gently massaged by the temple. He chuckled as he neared me, soaking in the irony of the great Dave laid low by the drudgery of entrenched opinions held by young geniuses to mired in small lives to see the complexity of grander designs.
"The use of words for something other than their literal intention.
Now that is irony." Here it was the situation, but whatever.
On the up-side, he totally thought I was humbled enough by what all my friends must put up with around me to give me some EasyMac, and that was just glorious. I'm totally down for the Revolution if we all get EasyMac.

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