Monday, May 28, 2012

On Self-Medication


Self medication is incredibly dangerous and should never be attempted. Always find a safe person and place to talk and find help. You're worth it.

With that aside, I've been in traction all day. Pretty much as I was preparing to post last night's blog, I had a coughing fit while laying down. This tensed my back muscles to try to sit up, and when I did, a muscle in my lower back popped. Twice.

It was the kind of experience where you really question if there's been irreparable damage or if you've become a paraplegic. Just complete, limb-freezing, lungs arresting terrorpain.

So I lost a full day of work and holiday pay, but on the up-side I had leftover sick leave and I was already prescribed the exact medicine I needed, and I got to watch a lot of anime today. I'll just feel guilty and terrified of reinjury all day tomorrow, but dammit, I'm not missing my first real Memorial Day Barbecue. Even if I can't drink on Naproxen. Stupid Naproxen; hat the Hell is it, even?


It's freakin' Aleve! Strong-dose ALEVE!

Well forget that, I stayed sober all weekend with this pain for fear of a bleeding ulcer from using Aleve?? Forget that noise. Tomorrow I'm drinking vodka ice-tea and grilling meat until I can't feel my insides at all.

I'll be responsible on Tuesday. Maybe I still get Holiday pay then, but I doubt it. Maybe the computer won't accept non-holiday pay when I put in for my sick leave. Maybe the world is full of bright sparkles and ponies and everything will be perfect forever!

… This is still just Aleve I'm on, right?

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