Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On Blatant Pandering

Every now and then, usually when I cant think of anything better to post, I go into what I very diplomatically call "Reader Appreciation Week." This is where I figure out what's been drawing in readers over the last few months, then provide more of the same.

It's kind of a cop-out, kind of a sell-out, but a solid 15% of it is just making fun of the ridiculous crap people look for before ending up on my site. I have no problem with this. Hell, if I increased page views by about, oh, let's see … 10,00,000% I could live off this scheme. So no, I don't really have a problem with pandering ever so often.

Then again, if I were to do that this week, this post would be nothing but photos of Chris Evans as Captain America, the Baby Bullet, and butterfly jokes. Historically, though, there should be about 50,000 images of "girls fat asses."

Still not sure how that one keeps redirecting, but I'll take what hits I can get.

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