Friday, May 18, 2012

The Princess and the Frog | Disney "Had a Dream"

This image is a pretty solid metaphor for Disney finally exploiting
every race there is. It had to be done, though. Now everyone's separate,
but at least we're all equal, right?
This isn't exactly timely, but a friendly discussion the other night brought us a new perspective on life:

The Princess and the Frog finally gave young black girls a Disney Princess Halloween costume to wear that wouldn't be preceded by the qualifier "Black."

Black Ariel, Black Sleeping Beauty, Black Belles. We've all seen them. "What are you dressed as?"

"Oh, I'm Sleeping Beauty." No, you're not. You're Black Sleeping Beauty.

And don't try any of that baloney where you're like half black and try to swing a Jasmine or a Pocahontas. Somehow, I feel like that's just usurping a whole other race's hard one exploitation. You've got your own exploited princess now, and she's sassy to boot.

Of course, this was admittedly the same friend who narrowly failed to convince his half-black girlfriend to dress as the Sally Hemings to his Thomas Jefferson. We're still pretty mad at her for backing out on that.

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