Monday, May 7, 2012

The Joys of Havign A Flu

People don't usually give a flu the recognition it deserves as a dogooder, namely because, historically, it tends to just kill a large percentage of the people it infects.

But in the last hundred years we've done some really good work with beating this little collection of monosyllabic diseases back. Like botulism, we have found ways around the more lethal aspects of this bug and and turned it to good.

For example:

Not really eating for two days means you're body is going to consume some of your excess fat. This is a pretty sweet deal, as you already have an excuse to sit around and get no exercise, but still not want to eat. For a skinny guy like me, it's a really fantastic offer. I don't have a lot of body fat to begin with, so between the weight loss and the insane ab workout I'm getting from all this coughing, I'm going to look ripped for a couple weeks. I've been meaning to get back into working out, actually, much as I hate it, so this is really a solid kick-off party.

Also, it's my understanding that if you get bird flu, you gain the power of flight like Warren "Angel" Worthington of the X-Men. And flying is pretty sweet.

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