Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On Gender Equality

I'm in log Island, tonight, having visited a dear friend and treated her to a showing of the soon-to-be released Star Trek: The Next Generation blu-ray edition theater screening.

Her mother and I have a bit of a tense relationship, chiefly due to my inability to communicate well with normal human beings, my low aptitude for planning well, and a certain issue with the bathrooms being left in disarray and in flushed after my visits.

The awkward bit is I'll cop to the first two without hesitation, but the toilet flushing is entirely her daughter.

Seat up and yellow, I don't understand. I left it down and clean. It's so very odd in a household of three fourths women. I'm not sure we could ever live together. I'd certainly never e able to bring dates home, not without spot-checking all the common areas of the apartment first.

And to top it off, I saw a 24th century man wearing a military skant tonight.

Oh, the future we live in.

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