Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7 Spoiler-Free Spider-Man Easter Eggs for Nerds

Normally a *SPOILER* warning would go here. If anything here is a spoiler to you, you're a terrible nerd, and likely haven't seen any trailers of previous Spider-Man films/comics/T.V. series.

"Maaan…I hate missing the F-Train."
1. Yes Stan Lee gets a cameo. No to Bruce Campbell, though. Sadface.

2. Lizard in a coat. As promised, there is a slight nod to the comics, in which The Lizard frequently wore some tight little Hulk pants and his lab coat. It's short, as expected, but it's there.

3. Spider-Man's shoes. While they don't attempt to scientifically explain the spider-power that is sticking to pretty much any surface this time around, fans have been miffed for years about not getting even a casual explanation for Peter Parker's ability to stick to walls through his shoes. However, if you look closely in Amazing Spider-Man, he wears modified steel-reinforced boots, and I'm pretty sure I saw some little grippies on them. I'm not saying they could keep a normal man upright, but maybe it's enough to compensate for socks and shoes on a spider-being.

4. The ridiculous action pose. Also as promised, there is one shot of Spider-Man that is spot-on to the comics and some of the character's more … limber maneuvers. It's unobtrusive, yet noticeable.

5. Andrew Garfield is an awkward spider. Garfield actually studied spiders' movements to accentuate his own for the roll of Peter Parker. And not just for superheroics. Peter starts so awkward as to boarder on "I'm not going to pick on that kid because he might bring a gun to school," but after his transformation he acts nearly autistic; avoiding eye contact, greater trouble expressing his thoughts verbally, odd ticks and repetitive motions. At parts, it feels almost as if Spidey is the channel through which Peter circumvents the social aspects of Asperger's in order to engage society and individuals around him, which–incidentally–is a phenomenal take on the character. Peter is supposed to be a smart mouth, but never in his personal life, only in costume. That was one thing Tobey McGuire got right.

Oh, and this isn't really an Easter egg, but there's one scene, you'll recognize it immediately, where Emma Stone goes toe-to-toe with Awkward Peter and they awkward it up together awkwardly. Seriously, the scene was chewy with awkward. When it was over I felt full. Like I could wrap up the leftover awkwardness and bring it home in a doggy bag to save for lunch tomorrow.

6. Yes, there is a mid-credits scene. Stay for it.

7. No, there is no second post-credits scene. Joss Whedon really burned you forever with that one, didn't he?

And one more fun little tidbit?

I heard through a reliable source (read: "a nerd I know") that a Sony Pictures executive has openly stated to being open to the possibility to leasing the rights to Spider-Man to Marvel Pictures for use in an Avengers sequel. Since this movie is going to make several bajillion dollars, I see no reason this could not potentially work out if all parties are open to it. Andrew is the right age to still be the young guy on the team and, this is just my speculation, if they'd lease out Web Head, there's no reason Sony wouldn't also lease out X-Men property characters, the only one they give any care for being Wolverine. I'm sure Hugh Jackman would be more than enthused at slicing up Manhattan.

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