Saturday, July 21, 2012

The MySpaceification of Facebook

Things are getting out of hand.

"LIKE if you Like it <3"

Let's ignore the lack of punctuation and inconsistent capitalization, although that's so, so special in this phrase. It really is.

"Like if you like" it? Really?

That is literally what liking something means. Not just in reality, but on facebook too. If I didn't like the thing I'm clicking, I wouldn't click the button that says "Like." You want to see how easy that is?


That was me, just now, not hitting like on a picture of someone's sonogram. Because I don't give a crap about a sonogram. I don't like it, so I didn't Like it.

What's more upsetting here is the trend I'm starting to see with more 'Victorian woodcut/lithograph figures with amusingly juxtaposed text' e-cards and 'I appreciate my [close relative or sig-oth]'image posts.

I'm waiting for the day facebook releases a security update that secretly converts all of our profile photos into .GIF format and enables "sparkly" as a comment font option.

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