Saturday, July 7, 2012

Truck Nutz are a Gendered Commodity

I've combed the internet, and aside from a few other bloggers making the same point I'm about to make, there is an astounding lack of Truck Nutz™ products geared towards women. Not little pink Nutz, I'm pretty sure those exist with very little effort.

No, I'm talking about Truck Labia™© for hard-hitting Hemi Heads who just also happen to possess mammary glands.

It wouldn't be very hard. Instead of balls on an O-ring hanging off the trailer hitch knob, just remove the top and pin, then shove a Fleshlite up the square piping. Done deal.

Of course, this could potentially ruin a few relationships by bringing new meaning to the phrase, "Sometimes I think you love that truck more than you love me."

Gay marriage? Yeah, still totally a sin. But fucking your Dodge Ram Turbo? Everything's cool so long as you don't try to stick it up her tailpipe.

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