Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Things I'm Looking Forward to About Moving

Actually, "My Friends Haul For Beer and Burgers" might be more accurate.
  • All the cardboard boxes I'll get to play with.
  • A furniture configuration that may actually look like a bedroom.
  • A functional bedroom door once again.
  • A bedroom that doesn't look like it belongs to a basement-dwelling neckbeard. (I shaved my neckbeard years ago. It's time for the katana to come down off the wall.)
  • Having a furnished basement in which to computer chair joust.
  •  Living above my means, thereby forcing myself to seek higher means and meaning it.
  • Not living in Connecticut. 
  • Possibly having enough closet space for my multitude of costumes, uniforms, fancy hats,and assorted mannequin parts.
  • Having enough dresser real estate for all my little movie boxes and speakers and such.
  • Having a place I would not feel embarrassed about bringing dates, assuming that I had dates and that I will end up in a place in which I am not also embarrassed to reside.
  • Mostly, it's the cardboard boxes, though.

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