Monday, August 20, 2012

My Life's Calling

I want to make people laugh.

I always thought I was just a sarcastic little twit. I thought I was lazy and flippant, juggling at work and cracking jokes through the mouths of tiny hand puppets I find strewn about the kids department.

I thought constantly retelling the same long, drawn-out stories trying to perfect the delivery was just compulsive behavior, playacting at stand-up to a crowd that had long grown weary of hearing the same jokes.

Today I realized that I can have a fantastic workday, where everything goes right, and I can still be bored and listless if I haven't made someone laugh by the time I get home.

Today was an unending nightmare. It just dragged from the get-go. And yet all I did for the last couple hours was entertain my coworkers and cause a couple of gut-busting chortles. That made everything worth it.

God damn it, I'm a performer and I love it. I wonder if I can make a career out of voice acting. Sitting around all day telling stories seems like a pretty sweet gig, for a lousy puppet jockey.

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