Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NBC's Community | I Hate Loving Joel McHale

Yeah, I abandoned the Friends theme. Who would you rather
look at, this guy, or David Schwimmer?
I watched the first episode of NBC's Community a few weeks back for the first time, at the behest of many, many people telling me that I in particular would appreciate so much about it.

While I ended up watching all the paintball episodes in series and raucously laughing alone in m room to each, the pilot itself left me, well, offended that my closest friends had such a bare understanding of my tastes.

There's not a single character in Community I want to see more of, no character development, noting to push the plot forward. No plot, really. Best I can tell, it's a slice-of-life satire that devolved into an homage to homages as time went on. Still, one thing struck me from the end of the first episode: the line
Part of the trouble with being a smart guy is I never learned how to study.
I never really got that either. Somewhere along the line I developed some cramming abilities, to combat calculus and the dreaded Spanish. Don't get me wrong, I aced those classes, but I can barely remember the quadratic equation and all I can say en español is "Hand me a hose, my cow is on fire."

Damn you, Joel McHale, for making me empathize with that dastard Jeff Winger.

All the more upsetting, I find it, having just discovered that I've miraculously started developing a work ethic.

At least I think it's a work ethic. I've always done my work and done it well, but it was something I loathed. I am lazy by nature. I'm a hypothesist, damn it, not an actionist. However now I find myself going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, working longer and more satisfied, spending more of my free time productive, searching for homes, and careers, and evaluating my self-sufficiency.

What the hell is wrong with me, Joel?

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