Thursday, August 23, 2012

Of Living Up to High Potential

It occurred to me that I have really attractive friends. Which is pretty cool. It means I could easily be on TV. Even accidentally. You want to put hot and interesting people on television, and whoever's standing next to them gets on TV too. At least a shoulder.

There's a dark side, though. My closest friends are also some of the prettiest. It's kind of weird, truthfully. Somewhere there's a graph with a positive incline on it.

Sadly, I'm a gentleman, and when I let close friends stay at my house, I give them my bed. If they're women, I mean. The guys can fuck off to the couch for all I care. I'm not uncomfortable with sexuality, I'm uncomfortable with smelly men in my bed sheets.

Ladies? They smell great. Have at it. I'll grab a sleeping bag.

Herein lies the dilemma. You see, I will quite possibly never have a prettier girl in my bed than some of these women. It's a little upsetting. It's a lot to live up to! I'll have to start dating models eventually, and there aren't many short models to begin with.

This should not be taken as a slight to any other women I've had in my bed. To the contrary, I am quite thankful to you for a great multitude of reasons.

Think of it more as a challenge. To me. And a compliment to you, future ladies.

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