Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On Taco Bell

That Spanish people work at Taco Bell does nothing to instill
me with confidence. They also work at McDonald's.
Black people working at KFC just makes me self-conscious.
It's a little unnerving to realize the brand of permanent marker I use at work smells like Taco Bell.

What the hell do they put in my Crunch Wrap Supreme that's also used in making indelible ink? Is it just one of those cure-all chemicals used in everything these days, or is it something more innocuous than meta-MSG?

I've had scented markers before, most of them are disgusting, but every second grader got high and nearly passed out trying to inhale red and purple. This ain't that. This is the smell of whiteboard and ink and plastics.

And somehow it also smells like seasoned ground "beef" and imitation cornmeal.

And the toys, I bet.

Ah screw it, it just made me hungry for tacos, I don't care what's in 'em. I just wished I hadn't had Taco Bell two days only earlier. I could have rationalized that as anything other than jonesing for another sour cream fix.

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