Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tornado Anu Chi Slipknot Vortex Language of Light | The Biggest Load of Crap I've Heard In Ages

I defy any human being capable of passing a court-mandated 730 exam to find a coherent sentence in this gobbledygook. The only things I got that made the slightest sense were complete misrepresentations of string theory and wormhole physics.

The best explanation I can summarize would be that in order to exert control over and manipulate matter, one must extend one's own electrical field, from the belly chakra, into the tornado, that the tornado will fall in love with us and "follow us, like a puppy." Becoming the tornado, we match our vibrational energies to the Anu, which is apparently the magical name for an Orion nebula space screw, named after a Sumerian sky-god, that looks pretty beautiful, actually. I'd love it if it were, you know, not photoshopped beyond recognition.

I haven't heard pseudo-meta-science parapsychology acid trip technobabble like that since I read Grant Morrison's entire run of The Invisibles cover to cover. Oh, wait, except that was

A) fiction, and

B) trying very, very hard to sound as batshit crazy as possible, since it's a comic book about distorted perceptions shaping and rejecting the reality around us.

Honestly, I just thought that was a marijuana nugget photoshopped onto a Hubble photograph.

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