Saturday, August 25, 2012

If You Don't Believe In Rape Culture

I hate the phrase "Rape Culture."

It implies to me that we, as a society, even tacitly allow rape to exist through denial of responsibility and shaming; we find the incidence rate and severity of rape acceptable. I do not believe this. I believe most human beings are not essentially good or bad, but stupid.

Children are inherently sociopaths. Then they turn 5 and are inherently good, until societal norms are placed upon them. Then they forget what it's like to know the right thing to do and feel empathy.

Most people who don't sweat rape are far enough removed from the issue they forget its immediacy. They, in their ignorance, are unaware of the terror and statistics and individual violation of a person's very being. Most—like me—probably acquired most of their knowledge on the topic from syndication of Law & Order: SVU.

However do not construe this possibility as a refutation of the victim shaming or perpetuation of lackadaisical attitude surrounding rape as a whole. It is an alternate explanation, not rebuttal.

Ignorance can be fixed.
Apathy can be roused.

Still, there's a point where through either malice or sheer blithering stupidity, laying blame upon the victim starts hurting everyone and public opinion must shift in order for even the most mainstream, average American to feel safe and righteous again.

And more often than not that point will involve their goddam iPhone.

"Oooh! You see that little pink Speck case that 4S was wearing?? She was so asking for it!

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