Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On Dreams Pt. V: Revenge of the Dreamening (Based on the Song "Running with Chicken Based on the Movie Precious Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire)

Last night I dreamnt that I was in the movie Precious, except instead of just being incredibly fat and abused by her parents she was some kind of mutant with a turtle shell on her back (and running from her parents).

She ran across the entire world, hiding in a Japanese children's prison colony, in which I finally entered the story as a character, albeit as a member of a Japanese "Girl Gang" (they have them there) as we chased Turtle-Precious with rolling pins.

I felt conflicted. I didn't want to hit Precious on her shell with a rolling pin, but she was getting slower. Hey, she was still pretty fat. I ended up saving her by throwing away my pin and blocking the gang leader's path, shouting at Precious to go. I wanted to make some kind of impassioned speech, but I knew my audience was violent, undereducated Japanese gang members. "Hey. Fuck. This," I said.

It seemed to work. A bunch of the other girls were clearly tired of living in a self-terrorized feudal community. They threw away there pins as well and we walked off calmly to a new beginning, all the girls around me.

Then the leader put me in a full-Nelson. I put my hands over my throat, fully anticipating to have it slit, but instead her Number Two came over with a razor blade and told me I had to have me chest and belly cut for betraying the group.

Man. Fuck. That.

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