Friday, June 25, 2010

On Robby's Killbox

In early 2006 those of us taking a certain Visual Narrative class were tasked with creating a video out of a truly awful script titled "Robby's Killbox." We were told it was a collaborative internet project, which does appear to be the case, but at the time I was convinced it was something awful our teacher had dug out of her undergrad portfolio, due primarily to a great number of blatant, yet completely superfluous uses of lesbianism in the plot.

Knowing that 89% of groups every semester filmed "The Park Bench Scene," we decided to film a series of our own shots, to be inserted into the original story. The female protagonist, whose name I forgotten completely, has a sort of psychic power that compels people to confess to her their darkest secrets. The police utilize this to search out a supernatural serial killer with an artistic bent, who I think might have been her psychotic brother.

We found that all horribly uninteresting and unoriginal. Enjoy this series of random confessions and let it's terrific badness steep your soul down to its basest elements.

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