Monday, June 14, 2010

On Dreams, Pt. VI - Seriously, I Must Need To Deal With Some Emotional Issues Or Something

You know, I don't mind that when I get drunk I dream about my grandmother's house being home to a sorority of diverse young women, the uptight Christian of whom ends up murdering the fat black girl from Precious for some insipid reason and then making it look like a suicide, causing all the girls to freak out as my mother and I attempt to solve the crime and I have to call 911 to report the murder without divulging that I don't go to the same college while avoiding the operator's stalling questions about how the girls in Iona are treating me. Not at all.

I'm more worried that

A) all of these little disturbing details can easily be explained from the last maybe three days of my life (and not in a weird way), and

B) I am somehow aware this is at least the second dream-corpse I've had to call dream-911 to dream-report.

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