Monday, September 27, 2010

On Batter Blasters

Hey, kids! What's the new culinary sensation that's sweeping the nation and sounds suspiciously like it was named after a porn star's junk?!

That's right! It's "Batter Blaster!"

Yup, that's the Cheeze-Whiz equivalent of pancakes, alright. However, it's also organic, so there's that, I guess.

I- No. You know what? This sounds hilarious. Hilarious and delicious. I want it. I want to eat this. I want to go to the supermarket trolling for Batter Blasters and I want to take it home when no one is around to see us, and I want to do it right in the kitchen and have batter blaster go into my mouth. I mean cook it first, obviously, but I want to taste blasted batter.

And if it could leave out the back door so the neighbor's don't see, that'd be great too.


  1. Hey look, Batter Blaster announces six new flavors coming in January:


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