Thursday, September 23, 2010

On The Recurrent Theme of Zombies In My Dreams

The other night I went to sleep an hour earlier than usual. (3 a.m. Sue me; I don't keep to your "normie" diurnal sleep cycles.)

I laid awake, constantly rolling over and making notes on my phone for what I had to do the next day. I recalled that the zombie T.V. show I'd been following had just aired it's last episode and I needed to remember to watch it online, lest I forget for several more days.

Then a thought occurred to me: maybe I could watch it on my phone. My phone is smart. It does things. Perhaps I could watch T.V. on my phone and not have to boot my computer back up.

So I rolled over and grabbed my phone. Fifteen minutes later I had verified that my phone could not do this, would not be able to until a certain mobile browser gets released and I don't have to rely on forced, hap-hazard Flash compatibility, and then, yes, I ended up just watching the episode on my computer right then.

It only took about 22 minutes, but now I was riled up with zombies. And surely though I am not frightened of zombies, my brain would conjure up escalating horrific trials for myself were I to attempt sleep right then with undead on my brain. So I read a comic for a few minutes.

The comic on which that T.V. show is based.

Of course this is a Japanese comic, and like Europe and the rest of Asia, Japan is always horrified that Americans have such a problem with sexuality on television but no problem with graphic violence. So when they make a zombie show, they play up all the sexy parts in order to counterbalance taking out all the really gory bits. Soooo I just read something even more graphic. Great. Wonderful.

So I watched another Japanese cartoon, this time something cutesy and silly about little girls and schoolyard misunderstandings. I wasn't getting to sleep any earlier, but I was pretty sure I wouldn't be dreaming of zombies.


Dreamnt something was grabbing and clawing at my foot. Very unpleasant. As I fell to the ground (off a school desk, I think; at least the schoolgirls did some good), I awoke to find our new kitten attacking my foot at the end of the bed because it was between him and his big brother cat.

I fear no zombie. I fear my cats, because that's at least a rational terror.

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