Saturday, September 4, 2010

On Chinese Food

So I ordered Chinese food tonight and a white guy answered the phone.

I don't know he's white, but I mean I'm pretty sure. Dude kept asking the girl who normally answers the phone if I could get whatever I asked for. And he kept saying "they" instead of "we."

"They're really busy right now, so it's gonna be, like, 25 minutes."

I really hope that was the suburban white kid they pay to deliver for them, otherwise that was just some white dude who happened to be standing next to the phone when it rang. "YOU GET PHONE." "What?" "YOU GET PHONE!" "I'm sorry, I don't-" "YOU GET HONE NOW!" "OH JESUS FUCK ALRIGHT I GET PHONE!…Hello? Hunan House?"

At least he didn't have the worst job in the restaurant….

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