Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On Knowing Your Limitations

I think when I finally get my own place without any family or roommates, I'm going to conveniently forget to hook up my cable for a few weeks.

It'd just be really convenient for finishing the six-year backlog of unread novels sitting by my bed.

On a separate note, these are the types of plans I make. In some distant, nebulous future time, I own my own house in which I forget to turn on the cable, hang pop art in the hallways and keep an old motorcycle in the garage under a blue tarp.

How I get this house? I think someone eventually pays me for typing this stuff. That's never really been more a concern than interior decoration.

This is the exact couch I've always imagined myself owning if I get an apartment, except in scratchy fabric, not upholstery. It's a basic Ikea model, incredibly uncomfortable and pretty much what they had on The Daily Show for the first ten years of interviews. I think they auctioned that one off for charity.

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