Saturday, September 25, 2010

On Wikipedia II: Revenge of the Dark Wiki

So Wikipedia isn't the evil your college professors say it is.

However, like all great tools–be it the arrow, gunpowder or nuclear fission–mankind's own evil ways can turn even the greatest asset into a weapon of poor malice.

Case point: Tonight my friend Joanne convinced a young man in the U.K. that she too lived somewhere in England. He supplied his county location as Coventry.

From this I supplied Jo with the hometown of Allesley, higher education at not Conventry Uni but rather U. of Warwick, a concentration in Educational Studies and therefor a residency in Dunsmere Hall at the Westwood Campus.

And, a place to meet to show this kid around his own area: the corner of Charter Ave. and Gibbet Hill Rd. on the North end of campus. Perhaps they could get some food in the Cannon Park mall.

All this took about five clicks. Sometimes, it's not what facts you know but the processes of cheating.

Now when this kid gets stood up, it'll be from 4,000 miles away, and to Jo five hours in the future. Her bitchiness is going to time travel. It will be spoken of across continents.

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