Saturday, February 26, 2011

Astrophysics Pick-Up Lines

A friend came across this lovely swimsuit from Black Milk Clothing while looking for something else and the product just struck me.

In the vein of Astrophysics Jokes, it's three sequels, and a series of Nerdy Pick-Up Lines, I know present you with the highly specific "Astrophysics Pick-Up Lines!"
  • "Hey, Baby, how'd you like to see my pillar of creation?"

  • "Does the dark matter match the drapes?"

  • "Are your boobs named 'Betelgeuse and VY Canis Majoris?' Because they're super big but kind of asymmetrical."

  • "Do they exert a disproportionate gravitational force, or are your eyes just a Great Attractor?"

  • "I wouldn't normally just walk up to a girl, but you caught my eye from across the room like a type Ia supernova."

  • "Your face lights up like a sun, but it's a Class M and I'd like to turn it into a Class O."

  • "Is it cool if I hit on you while my identical twin goes on an 80-year space voyage at relativistic speeds?"

  • "I think it'd be a daring adventure to be the first man to see inside your black hole."

  • And for that matter, "I'm not good with boundaries. Just tell me if I get to close to your event horizon."

  • "Is that a Dyson Sphere in your pocket, or are you just into ben wa balls?

  • "Remember when Jodi Foster said, 'Should have sent a poet'?…I'm a writer."

  • "When you turned red just now, did I embarrass you or am I seeing the Hubble Effect of you already running away from me?"

  • "I'd like to probe Uranus."

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