Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On Timing

Sometimes this blog is really fun. Last week I came up with an idea while I was actually staring at my computer with nothing to do and nowhere to be. I churned out a whole entry, copied into my book's Office file and reedited the thing into a whole new, five-page in-between chapter. It was great. And all this happened ten hours before the blog would even post, so I had the entire night to myself to see friends and relax when normally I'd be mining conversations for material to slap together between 12 and 3 in the morning (like–er–now, I guess).

And other times, yeah, it's like pulling teeth, but I kind of love those hateful nights the way you love your weird uncle or a really whorish sister.

But sometimes I encounter a really annoying, really fun problem. Sometimes I'm just too awesome. I can come up with an idea so wonderful I can't pull it off to my own satisfaction. Those get locked up in the brain vault or, like, a notepad until one of my friends tries to make another internet video. Other times I think of a joke so perfect it doesn't even have words, just a series of flashed images and ethereal concepts.

And then sometimes I just have a really good idea for something and I can't fucking show you. Yeah, sometimes I repurpose ideas which were originally used in other projects. So sue me; I've done this every night for two years now. If I've got good material somewhere you haven't seen it I'm reusing it so you can see it.

I'm getting off track. Look, just check back in in a week and I promise you something pretty awesome if you're a huge nerd.

But I mean check back every day in between too, because there could also totally be awesome crap in the interim, I just haven't made it yet.

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