Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On Glee

Here's my overview of FOX's "hit show" Glee:
  • It's about a high school choral group of unreasonably attractive ragtag players.
  • It is half musical, half "the making of" for that music.
  • Drama can only surround singing or the functionality of the group. Legitimately dramatic, life-altering events must be glossed over or resolved within a single episode. Maybe two.
  • Rachel Barry is a tremendous prima donna, raised the Jewish-American princess of a Broadway-happy gay couple. She has zero depth of character.
  • Kurt is the only openly gay kid at his high school, therefor his only scenes are about him being gay. All his songs are traditionally for female leads, except the one time he questioned his sexuality and sang John Mellancamp. He and Rachel are basically the same character, except Kurt cares about hurting others and being likable. Were they to fight to the death, Rachel would rip his throat out.
  • RThe only mature characters are Puck the badass and Quinn, the girl who got knocked up in season 1. The rest are as reasonably stupid and self-centered as children should be, but so are the adults.
  • Season 1 was about babies. Season 2 is about … actually, no one has figured that out yet.
  • If they have not ruined your favorite song yet, either they'll get to it or you're lucky enough to like speed metal.
Here's the thing, though: Lea Michele is pretty sexy. Her character is a frumpy frigid priss I'd like to strangle with a Miss Congeniality sash, but the 24 year old actress is pretty decently attractive, especially considering we're both Jewish and as such have a habit of putting down our own attractive women.
See? Super Jewish-cute. It's the Sephardi.

In fact, a few nights back I had a rather provocative dream with Lea Michele coming onto me, which is weird because I rarely have dreams that awesome and also because I don't dream about celebrities. (Of course, two days later I dreamt of Kevin Corrigan's eyes exploding because the South Pacific tranny in a yellow sundress and one shoe he was photographing at my grandmother's house tore a teddy bear, the resulting eye-goo littering the yard and driveway being something my brain decided was "Corpus Christi" like "corpus collosum" but actually it's a city in Texas.)

ANYWAY, my personal, self-hating Jewish opinion of Lea Michele was somewhat quickly overpowered by a celebrity in a schoolgirl outfit trying to mack with me, and the only thing I can tell you is Lea Michele's neck-nuzzling boob-area has the exact same texture as a blanket draped haphazardly over your sleeping face.

This is why I can't have nice dreams.


  1. Lea Michele, Jewish? Hot? Her mom isn't Jewish and Lea is ugly as hell.

    There are some real good looking Jews who are real Jews, like Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Kat Dennings, or on the male side, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Logan Lerman.

  2. Lea Michele stated on national television that she was raised Catholic, and that her Jewish father "gladly" attends church with her and her mother.

    The book is closed.

    Starts at the 9:40 mark - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyfCHFy8r-k


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