Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Law & Order: LA

I saw an article the other day called "How To Make Law & Order: LA Better."

Actually, I have no idea what the article was called, that was just the point of it. The title conveyed this, I just can't remember it verbatim at the moment.

Here's my list of Ways to Make Law & Order: LA Not Suck:

  • Bring back Sam Waterson. He was killer in "The Great Gatsby" and he made L&O for 16 years.

  • For that matter, bring back Jerry Orbach. Yes, I know he's dead. I don't care. If George Lucas can buy up the rights to dead actors to digitally insert into "Indiana Jones 5" or some other travesty, L&O can reanimate Lennie Briscoe for one snarky comment made over a fellow corpse each week.

    Dick Wolf already owns Jerry's soul, as far as I know. Briscoe retired in 2002, but returned two years later in Law & Order: Trial By Jury, which died a horrible death soon after Orbach passed peacefully.
  • You know, just go ahead and set it back in New York. That's what we want to see.

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