Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On Game Strategy

Whenever I play little computer games, I've usually got two ways of working things.

If it's a game based on running around achieving goals, well, I'll usually avoid it because I never quite got the hang of First-Person games. (Joysticks do not like me.) But everyone else I know tends towards the normal mode of thinking: achieve the mission objective as quickly as possible, then run around racking up bonus points or something.

Normally, I go the complete ass-backwards route: I either inch my way to the goal achieving every completionist goal along the way, or I get as close to success as possible and then stop, racking up all the bonuses I can and only after total domination complete that original task. You can imagine how well that works out. "Castle Defender" games: usually pretty awesome. Scores are either astronomical or the accidental failure is complete and painful.

Real life? I'm not sure which endgame I'm heading towards. I've already got most of the furnishings for my own apartment, which is really pretty sweet, however I don't have the apartment or, say, a job to pay for it.

But man, every time I spend the money a game gives me to start with on something I think will be useful later, it turns out I should have saved up and gotten the flamethrower later on. I hope a home and job aren't like a flamethrower.

Actually, I really hope a home and job are in no way like a flamethrower.

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