Sunday, February 27, 2011

On Girl Scouts

I don't know if this is an accurate
costume and I really don't care.
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An unexpected knock on the door today required me to put pants on. Good thing, too; it was a couple of very small girl scouts. I bought a couple boxes of cookies.

They were really cute little girls. One was completely distracted by the cat in our downstairs neighbor's window. Part of my wanted to reopen the front door and let them meet our cat, but two things stopped me:

1. He would eat their faces off and piss in the wounds, so best I keep them away from such a black cat and focused on the cute, nice white one, and

2. It's pretty sketchy to invite two seven-year old girl scouts inside to pet your kitty, especially when you're only wearing sweatpants and a dark hoody and haven't shaved in two days.…and their dad is really big, standing behind them.


  1. I stopped doing the whole door to door thing by middle school. You have your parents sell at work and then you just sell to your friends. I had so many activities that I sold quite a lot by high school. Cookie sales even paid for a trip to the Dominican Republic!

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  3. My friends and I once caught a band of scouts while we were eating in a pizza place, followed them outside and asked the mom if they were selling cookies. We ended up buying like 8 boxes out the back of a mini van in the parking lot.

    Shadiest drug/cookie deal ever.

  4. why does this end in such an abrupt, ill-punctuated manner?

  5. Because the comma is right next to the period and I updated at 3:17am. Your comments are appreciated and the correction made.


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