Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dude, Look At My Hand, Dude. It's Like, So Big, Man!

So I got around to reading All Star Superman a few weeks back. I kind of liked it. I'm a fan of the "Elseworlds" CD stories ("What If?" tales and alternate universes and timelines and such. Read Red Son if you never have yet).

It's pretty good, even if you're not a fan of the art style (I'm not). The basic gist is this: Lex Luthor realizes he's getting older but Superman isn't, so he concocts a plan to ultimately kill Supes. Supes then spends a year our however long trying to fix all the major problems he's never been able to solve.

DC and Warner Bros. have been releasing a lot of animated superhero movies lately, and they've actually been pretty good. All Star Superman is their newest title, released this week. They've done a good job of voice casting as per usual, and they've steered clear of the pouty, kissy lips present in Superman/Batman.

All Star actually follows the plot of the comic rather faithfully. Honestly, I'm wondering if they really even bothered to hire a script writer or if they just took the comic transcripts to an editor. The only things to get cut were the slowest, least important elements of the comics and the most fantastic piece of the ending, which actually manages to pull the story back down into the realm of the temporarily believable.

That said, here's a clip of a Lex Luthor all hopped up on super serum and getting all philosophical and junk.

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