Thursday, November 3, 2011

Childlike Wonder, Lousy At Math

I saw a child in the book store today saddle up to customer service and, when prompted repeatedly, pull his attention out of the book in his hand to inquire as to it's price. It was $18.

Perhaps five minutes later I encountered the same child, pouty and a bit loud at the refusal of his mother to pay $18 for said book. She very pleasantly asked if he'd like this other book she was making a fuss over, ostensibly because it cost less than $18. (I'm just going to keep saying "$18.")

Par for the course, so far.

Another five minutes later, I pass by the family yet again, and as I'm walking out, I hear the most adorable attempt at negotiations ever:

"Mommy, do you have an $18 bill?"

"Give me back my $18!" came up in a search for '$18.' Nice.

That kid knew where he had to start if he wanted to prove he could have that book if only his mom caved. Granted, he didn't yet know what denominations money comes in, but damn it if he wasn't going to try anyway.

Which makes me think we should at least give this kid something for his gumption, logicalness, and initiative. Even just treating him to a junior-sized ice cream for a dollar at McDonald's and the explanation that, while we know he really likes it right now, we know he's going to be bored with that book very quickly and $18 isn't worth the limitted fun we know he'll get out of it, and that this refusal to purchase is more about teaching him to do without every single thing he likes in order to appreciate what he does have in life all the more.

But he's fucking four, lady. Just throw the kid a laugh and a hug and maybe that ice cream, He'll be a Hollywood agent by 2028.

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