Monday, November 21, 2011

The AMAs | I have never heard any of these songs before

"Nutcracker, I have prepared my body."
I watched about 30 seconds of the AMAs tonight. It was the opening too. Nicki Minaj was a sexy robot with some TRON dudes on stilts, which was pretty cool. The Queen Latifah came out to present the first award, "Favorite Pop/Rock Artist/Duo/Group." And Maroon 5 won.

First off, the category should have been "Favorite Pop-Rock…" because none of the nominees were rock bands. They were pop-rock at best.

Secondly, "Favorite" implies neither best-selling, nor even most popular. It implies the best liked, admittedly by the most people voting, but my favorite movie is Star Wars. That doesn't mean I think Star Wars is the best movie ever–I'm not even sure I consider it the best Star Wars movie–nor do I watch it more than all other movies at this point in my life. It's just a favorite for personal reasons.

Lastly, no one likes Maroon 5.

For anything. Ever.

Even the guy from Maroon 5 tries to work as much without Maroon 5. The guy's like Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20. Hell, they might be the same bands. They're each a random noun followed by a small numeral, with about 4 catchy songs each and way too much airtime.

Who the fuck would vote for Maroon 5 for anything other than "Most Hated Band That's Not Nickelback?"

Clear indication the awards are rigged.

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