Sunday, November 13, 2011

Get Your F@cking Facts Straight (Comics Edition) | Kitty Pryde

"Oh, these arrows? I didn't even notice them."
I had nothing to blog about tonight. Someone told me I should write about Kitty Pryde of the X-Men and neutrinos, because she just learned what neutrinos were, at least in a "now I get it" sort of way.

What the hell, man?

It has long been established that Kitty's, or "Shadowcat," 'phasing' ability is the result of vibrating her molecules through the spaces between 'solid' matter. That aside, let's look at some reasons why neutrinos are a piss-poor answer to Kitty's abilities.

1. Neutrinos are a different subatomic particle
  • Neutrinos interact only slightly with other matter because they are for all purposes essentially massless, and have no electrical charge. Think a completely neutral electron. They are bound only slightly by the physics of wacking into another piece of matter, or enough of them to be slowed down. (Generally about 3km of solid led of so.)
    • Kitty is still affected by gravity while phasing (her ability to not sink directly to the center of the planet is typically explained as either solidifying a very thin layer of her molecules or charging them electrically and 'levitating' off matter/air beneath her).
    • Kitty disrupts electrical fields when she passes through technology, and is suceptible to electromagnetic attacks in her phased state.
  • Kitty does not travel at the speed of light.
"I am gonna make fanboys feel so awkward they're gonna
April O'Neill their under-roos!"
    2. Kitty is solid, affected by gravity, and possessing of mass in her un-phased state, therefore not made of neutrinos at this time. Converting her entire form from ordinary matter to neutrinos every time she phases would
      A) require impossible physics even for a mutant, and B) be like setting off a tiny supernova inside a building.
    3. Neutrinos spray all willy-nilly from energetic sources. They don't exactly form complex arrangements like atoms or, say, people.

    She is also an adorable, perpetually young hipster goddess.

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