Monday, November 7, 2011

On Dreams XIV: Nobody Likes You, Everybody Hates You

Man, last night was nothing but annoying, aggravating dreams.

I dreamt of going shopping in a giant, unfamiliar mall with my mother, aunt, and grandmother, my aunt already lagging behind and my grandmother weighing down my mom and angrily bitching about some thing out of anyone's control.

I turned around to tell her that if she slowed me down, if she separated my mother from our mutual tasks, or if she interrupted me even once to complain about anything else, I would continue walking and leave her to do my own thing.

And she fucking interrupted me.

Then I dream about getting trapped in a mall, one hour late for work already due to Daylight Savings shifts, the escalators are an elaborate labyrinth designed to madden and infuriate, and only one random friend has any sympathy for me, but all I can think about is asking him about stir-fry. (Kessel's the man, actually.)

Finally, I wake up with a massive headache and a stiff neck, still feeling tired, and find out I have to make time to load my grandmother's old and new computers into her car so she can get her computer repair man to transfer all her old files and settings to the new machine, because she doesn't want to inconvenience me since I work so much. Yup. That grandma, too.

I swear to the technogods, I'm shooting for a hell of a good time at work today, because otherwise I might really start going Black Friday and trampling old people a a little early this year.

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