Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wicked Wednesday | Black Friday is old hat

This picture seems to indicate "African American Slave Revolt Reenactment" Day.
Black Friday is passe and just a little bit racist sounding these days. Now there's something on Small-Business Saturday and internet days and even Black Friday Preview Night on Thursday for people who can stay up late but like sleeping in.

Screw that. You know what the only other important sales day is this week?

It's Wicked Wednesday.

That's the day 200 million assholes come into stores, ask 1800 questions about a product, fiddle with and break the demos, steal all the fliers and pamphlets, and then walk out without buying a damned thing because they've decided to "come back tomorrow."

Where they will fight tooth and nail, miss out on what they really wanted, and pay more online to get it in a week when they could have had it yesterday for less after shipping.

Papa's buying a book when he gets off work and is hiding in a cave.

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