Thursday, November 10, 2011

Herman Cain | Sensationalist Media

Here's the cover of yesterday's New York Post, as I saw it in a local bagel shop:

Okay, that's pretty funny. I will never buy this paper, I will never read the article, but thank you, New York Post, you made me giggle. 'Herm warfare.' What cutups you are. You must be a sensation at office parties. I bet you also loved Chris Kattan's "Makin' Copies' Guy on SNL back in the day.

For comparison, here's the New York Times front page covering the same story:

Yeah, that's would be the story right there on the left. The one with no picture, starting just above the fold. The 4.2 paragraphs before a jump.

The one titled "Cain Again Denies Accusations As Second Woman Goes Public." That one. That takes up less space than the full-color Louis Vuitton ad.

Bit lengthier. Also less catchy.

I guess what I'm saying is, I know which one is going to make more people laugh, and I know which one is going to be purchased and read exclusively by people already possessing subscriptions. I also know which one is in a dying industry considered a quaint, niche market by anyone who can access the internet.

Hint: it's both of them.

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