Sunday, November 6, 2011

Further Party Advice from a Drunken Near-Genius

1. Being drunk during the Daylight Savings Time shift is like being in the DeLorean with Doc Brown.

2. It is one thing to know a friend is going to drive drunk and there is nothing you can do about it. It is quite another to give him $2 to bring back a double cheeseburger. It i a third matter to worry that, should he die, you will be out that $2.

3. If others only can remember you as "Hey, Drunk Guy!" or "Gary's friend! (Who's Gary?)" You have not been memorable enough. If people you have never met or do not recall meeting know you're full name as a matter of public record, you have done something right.

4. If some dudes start talking about Star Wars unabashedly, go ahead and brag about your nerd credentials. If they make fun of you, just beat them up and call them nerds. No-lose.

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