Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Everything | How the establishment SHOULD be combating dissent

I went to make this image, and lo and behold it already exists.
I just read a BBC news report that police forces are preparing to move in on Occupy Portland protestors.

Portland, guys? Really?

What are they upset about? Being the 99% of the population who goes dumpster diving because shopping local-vore bakeries has become too trendy? Or the gross inequality between profits at Budweiser and PBR?

And yet the media covers the protests. International looks on it in the same light as all the other globe-wide protests against government standards, albeit less interesting than those fighting oppressive, totalitarian regimes. And local media paints them as fewer, more ignorant, and just as misguided, dooming the country, just the same as Tehran or Tripoli.

That's not the way to fight a movement. We should have learned this long ago. I honestly thought we did, what with the whole "infiltrate, coopt the message, replace it with our own" politics we've seen the last decade.

Let's get some "Occupy Occupancy" shirts going. I want to see some jackasses on the street opposite "OWS" signs with more placards reading "Occupy Occupy Wall Street." Let's take the rather clear message of wide-range economic distress and make it completely incomprehensible. Let's put some pawns in there, muddy the waters with insanity and straw men, and just make everything so utterly pathetic that anyone even remotely concerned with doing the right thing steers clear of the "misbegotten" miscreants and financially backs another fucking bailout instead.

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