Monday, November 28, 2011

Light is Subtractive | A Dating Application for Nerds

I was out to dinner with family a few weeks ago, when I noticed the light fixtures toward the back of the restaurant in which we sat were arranged in rows of three, with the farthest most lamps colored blue, red, and green.

The families seated in booths beneath each were swathed in the relevant hue, however I noticed that the rest of the establishment's patrons were safely removed from coloration alteration.

It's because, unlike paint, light is color subtractive. The three types of cones in a human eye differentiate red, blue, and green, and when shone in equal measure, these three lights will cancel out into pure white light. So the rest of us got a nice little ambiance and even lighting at the same time.

I snickered at this, but no one in my family found this amusing.

I am reminded of Prof. Frink lecturing a classroom of The Simpsons kindergartners about the physics of a popcorn push toy, saying, "You couldn't possibly enjoy it on as many levels as I can."

Ladies, if you found this at all amusing, please, do not hesitate to contact me for the purposes of laughing at other humorous scientific phenomena. Men, try something similar to find your dreamy nerd girls.

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