Friday, November 25, 2011

Tiny Wings Redux

Apologies for the near-lack of a Friday post; I was busy eating a lot of food and trading stories with my drunk extended family. Best compliment: "It's exactly like 'Always Sunny!'" [re: my friends and our, er … adventures.]

However, I totally made a new high score in Tiny Wings while I was doing that.

Trounced my last high score by a full 21,000!

That stood until earlier tonight, when I launched off a huge jump and through a boost right at the exact moment night fell and my game should have ended. Then I was launched into … I can only surmise it was outer space. My bird left the ground behind in ever-decreasing scales as his trajectory veered asymptotically towards the vertical, into the inky black depths on the game, my distance and score still increasing as "Day Over" still flashed across the screen.

Eventually, my bird must have reached Moon Base Alpha, or died of asphyxia or something, because my score finally topped out at 278,866.

You will note, however, that only my original score and rank were recorded.

Basically, my Tiny Wings got a massive power-up and flew my not just off my little island, but forty thousand points directly up. That's an additional 230 meters or so. Pretty sure a plane would hae stalled out. That bird is baller, yo.

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