Monday, December 21, 2009

On Brittany Murphy

I guess she just couldn't handle the cancellation of
King of the Hill.

So Brittany Murphy died today. Not to beat a dead horse but …

I actually liked Brittany Murphy. Like, to look at, I mean. In Clueless. Not after that, really. Or before, I guess. I'm told she was Topanga's best friend on Boy Meets World.

Honestly, Brittany Murphy was like the 5th most fuckable person in Clueless. It goes Brittany Murphy, the Asian girl who had like two lines but a bigger roll in the T.V. series, Dione, Alicia Silverstone (if you ignore her character and the fact that she later was in Batman & Robin), and then obviously Paul Rudd at the top.

Interesting fact, like 90% of people I talked to today had no idea who Brittany Murphy even was. My go-to was Clueless, but I backed up with "Luanne on King of the Hill" and "The stripper in Sin City that wasn't Jessica Alba," but that really got nothing. The Topanga line got more recognition. Honestly, one kid only remembered Clueless because it had the black kid from Scrubs.

Well if there's anything we can learn from Ms. Murphy it's

a) Years of anorexia can seriously damage heart muscle, and

b) Never fuck Ashton Kutcher.

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