Thursday, December 31, 2009

On Honors and Societies

I was going through a stack of papers today trying to clean off my desk–which incidentally I only use for storing my desk supplies and to hold up my printer–and I came across part of a short story I'd written.

It was only a few pages from a rough draft; to save paper I'd print out a copy, edit it and then stick in back in my printer when I needed to print something unofficial like a coupon or a new edit. In any event I flipped a few pages to ensure there wasn't anything else mixed in with it. The phrase I read which verified this was describing a character as "Phi-Beta-something or other."

Incidentally, immediately beneath that in my stack of crap happened to be my induction ceremony programs, memento catalog and framed certificate from, you guessed it, Phi-Beta-Kappa.

Under that was my bachelor's degree.

Man, I gotta get around to hanging that shit. For the time being I've compromised; they're sitting on top of my printer. You know, at least until I need to print something again.

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